Visualize Math

Mathnasium knows how to teach math and make it understandable. But they didn’t know how to tell people their story. Zamboo developed Mathnasium’s award-winning logo, and then after conducting an analysis of the competitive environment, developed a powerful brand and advertising campaign. Their brand gets to the heart of why Mathnasium rises above its competitors, which gives it an A+.

Logo Can a logo be smart? Well, this one get’s an A+.

Messaging Every company needs a story and theirs solved itself. Just tell people how they teach math.

The Solution We create a customizable system where each learning center could interchange the math problem and the child’s face. Pretty smart.

Door Hangers



Toolkit of materials Each learning center had a toolkit of templates to choose from to support their unique sales efforts, from door hangers, postcards, banners, ads and posters, to name a few.